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So why do some companies that set out to make a difference realise their full potential and others don’t quite get there? Is it the concept, timing, a missed opportunity, leadership, resources, planning, financial management, sales and marketing, the right advice or access to the right investors?

Building and growing a company is a journey, a series of transitions that the business and its people will need to move through, a constant work in progress that incorporates all of these critical elements.

At FUNDSITION we look for entrepreneurs that demonstrate these core qualities, are socially conscious, plus they are inclusive and coachable.

Our job is to help the entrepreneur and their company so they can realise their full potential and make the world a better place.

We ensure they are accessing the right advice and support, plus have the key tools and resources to move quickly on their journey – then they’re investable and ready for the right investor.


We help socially conscious companies do better by helping them grow their businesses.

Business entrepreneurship and forging to make a difference is in our DNA, we know from our own experiences the pain points and frustrations, but time and experience has given us the knowledge to help and support other entrepreneurs on their unique journey.

Our job is to match the right socially conscious companies with the right socially conscious investors. We like to think we’re making perfect matches because together they’re making the world a better place.

How we help you to do better:

  • Success with other socially conscious businesses
  • A network of socially conscious investors
  • Commercial insight
  • Financial and capital markets experience
  • Marketing and media experience
  • Technology experience
  • The most cost effective platform

How can we help make a difference?

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